Global Recruitment For New Graduates (Foreign Students)

2014 – We began Global Recruitment for New Graduates

At WDI, we intend to continue vigorous overseas development.
We wait for inquiries from current foreign students, regardless of location, who would like to challenge globally or to be actively involved in the international market.

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- Recruitment Details

General Description

Acquisition of the basic skills needed – service, cooking etc., to manage the overseas franchise locations in the future. (In Japan)

Job Category

Future positions will in the management of overseas locations including supervisor, new franchise trainer, etc.

Educational Program

We have a Human Resource Develop Program named “WDI College.”
We have implemented development support programs for every employee, which leads to the “On-site efficacy” and other improvements.
“WDI College” attempts to educate all employees through “Concept Permeation,” “Motivational Development,” and “Practical Skills Development.”
In addition, the programs are led by the staff members to share each member’s precious experiences among all staff to make the program a place where everyone “polishes” the skill-sets.

<Examples of previous programs>

  • Business Manner Study
  • Field Trips to Farms
  • Cheese Tasting
  • Training for assistant managers
  • Brewery Visit
  • Vineyard Visit
  • Tsukiji (the World’s biggest) Fish Market Visit
  • Management Study on a newly assigned store

 In 2011, the inaugural year, we started the Language Support Programs as well. The company pays for the fees of TOEIC and Chinese Language Competency Exams, as well as the financial incentives to those with a certain accomplishment.

WDI has introduced “Mentor System” to support our new employees.
Our young staff will kindly support new hires by providing everything from advice on the job to consultation on private issues.

WDI strives to provide an environment where employees are able to grow together and feel confident about their development.
Starting Salary 4-year College Graduate : 187,000 yen (Overtime Included)
Junior/Technical College Graduate : 183,000 yen (Overtime Included)
Work Location Headquarters Direct-Managed Restaurants

1) Expected to graduate in 9/2013 or 3/2014
2) Graduates after 2011 can apply as a new graduate.*

*except for the previously employed.
Academic Department All Majors (includes Junior/Technical Colleges)
Number of Positions Around 5

- Selection Process

WDI uses the term “Session” to describe the meeting opportunities.

We believe this represents our aim to aspire to find ideal encounters through mixing and challenging each other’s individual talents with ours.

1st Stage/Global Session Corporate Briefing, Aptitude Test, Group Session.
2nd Stage/Hospitality Session First Interview
3rd Stage/Challenge Session Final Interview
Final Stage/Collaboration Unofficial Offer

- To Apply

Please fill out the New Graduate Recruitment Form.

- For further inquiries.

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