Kindly be informed that We will be closed for renovations between May 15, - the middle of August 2017.
We do apologise for any inconvenience caused.

A sophisticated atmosphere at the height of social excitement.

Marunouchi Building, a place which boasts "the best night view of Tokyo." This modern space, with its underlying tone of black, shows the night view to advantage, and it also leaves its guests in awe. The restaurant interior, which consists of a bar, lounge area and dining area, can be utilized for a variety of situations. The cuisine is International Tokyo cuisine, prepared by Japanese chefs who've experienced authentic French cooking but depart from preconceived ideas of French cuisine. These chefs utilize the rich ingredients of the Japanese seasons and the cooking methods and seasonings of both countries, but don't adhere to nationality or genre but rather base their creations on unencumbered ideas. We'd like our guests to enjoy this special cuisine full of the soul of "Japan" and the flavor of "harmony."