Modern Scandinavian Dining "Aquavit"opened its doors in Japan

Aquavit is located in Kita-Aoyama with direct access from Gaienmae station. In an art gallery-like space, Aquavit features furniture by Scandinavia's leading designers and creates a refined and stylish, yet warm and welcoming atmosphere. Aquavit food is a "Modern Scandinavian Cuisine" given birth by the award-winning celebrity chef, Marcus Samuelsson. It is certainly a new segment of cuisine in Japan, where authentic Scandinavian cooking is intertwined with French techniques to create a selection of ingenious and unique delicacy.

Modern Scandinavian Cuisine

"Modern Scandinavian Cuisine," has been developed and further recognized through its Swedish celebrity chef, Marcus Samuelsson. It is a new segment of cuisine where elaborate French techniques are intertwined with simple, authentic Scandinavian cooking. Known for its healthiness and the exquisite presentation, Aquavit offers a variety of seafood dishes such as salmon, herring and lobster, as well as Aquavit's selection of unique dessert items like the signature dessert, "Arctic Circle."

The Design

The freestanding restaurant in Kita-Aoyama replicates the interior design of Aquavit in New York, having its roots in Scandinavian design from the golden ages of 1950's, 60's and 70's. Both the main dining room and bar has a feeling of an art gallery, featuring primarily of simple white wall and medium dark walnut wood. A refined atmosphere with furniture by Scandinavia's leading designers and explicit lighting design, Aquavit creates a space that is modern and elegant, yet warm and inviting at the same time. This stylish restaurant offers a suitable scene for parties, including wedding receptions and many other occasions.

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